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**** Available Puppies ****

Your New Dogo Puppy



            Your puppy is registerable with AKC FSS (American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Services), UKC (United Kennel Club) and FCPR (Federacion Canofila de Puerto Rico since the US is not an FCI country, to register our dogs internationally, we register them out of Puerto Rico).  

It is not a requirement for you to register your puppy, however, it is strongly suggested.  You may choose to register with any/all of the mentioned registries.  Of the three, if only going to register with one, I prefer UKC.


            FCPR Your pups name will be Del Rio ____________.  Once youve decided what you would like your pups registered name to be, fill in the name on the FCPR registration application.  Complete your information and mail to FCPR: PO Box 13898, San Juan,  PR  00908.  Registration is $25 & a pedigree is $20.  If you would like both, send a check made out to FCPR in the amount of $45 (for show purposes, you will need a certified pedigree).  If registration is received past March 3rd, there is a $10 late fee, if after July 3rd, $20 late fee, etc.  If you have any questions on FCPR registration, either call FCPR at 787-759-3654, or contact me.


            UKC Your pups name will be Del Rio _____________.  Use the same name for all registries.  This certificate expires in 9 months.  Complete your information and mail with $16 check made out to UKC to: United Kennel Club, Inc. 100 E Kilgore Rd. Kalamazoo, MI  49002-5584.  Do not select the performance pedigree, UKC does not yet have enough generations of Dogos registered to complete this pedigree.  If you have any questions on UKC registration, either call UKC at 616-343-9020, or contact me.


            AKC/FSS Your pups name will be Del Rio ____________.  Use the same name for all registries.  This certificate expires in 12 months.  Complete your information and mail with $10 check made out to AKC to: American Kennel Club, PO Box 37902, Raleigh, NC  27627-7902.  This registration does not include a pedigree from AKC.  If you have any questions on AKC registration, either call AKC at 919-233-9767, or contact me.


Microchip Registration


            To register your pups AVID microchip, just fill in the application form & mail it to AVID (you keep the ownership certificate for your records) with a $15 registration fee. 




            The puppies are currently eating Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lovers Soul dry dog food mixed with a small amount of cottage cheese & water.  In the past I have fed Natural Balance Brand dog food, but the current litter has only had Chicken Soup brand. Both dog foods are highly recommended.  I prefer Chicken Soup dog food followed by Natural Balance, however, these two brands are often hard to find.  PetsMart does not carry either of them. PetCo carries Natural Balance & Chicken Soup can be found at many feed stores.  I've enclosed a 2lb sample of Chicken Soup For the Puppy Lovers Soul. 

The pups are currently being fed at 7am, noon and again at 5pm. AZ time (pick a schedule that works best for your family & remember that if a puppy is fed and watered late at night, they will have to go potty several times through the night)..  They are eating approximately 3 cups total per day. 

Also, due to the high stress of traveling to their new homes & leaving their comfort zone, your pup may have a bit of diarrhea.  To help prevent this, I recommend mixing the food with either cottage cheese or mashed potatoes for the first 3 meals or so at your home. 




            Shot records.  Ive enclosed your pups shot records w/the vial labels from the puppy shots he/she received.  The last shot was on December 26th, 2003.  Up to this point they have only had 2 Parvo/Distemper shots. The next set of shots are due between Jan 9th -Jan 13th your pup will be 9 weeks on January 13th.


Ear Cropping


Ear cropping is completely optional and all expenses are up to the new owners.  Ear cropping is done between 8-14 weeks of age.  My personal vet prefers to crop ears between 10-12 weeks of age.  The cropped ear should be about 2" square on a 11 week old pup. The uncut front of the ear should be aprox 2" on a 11 week old pup & the wide "bell shaped bases" of the ear should also be about 2" wide on an 11 week old pup.  I have separate diagrams and taping instructions available by request.


Health Insurance. 


            Veterinary Pet Insurance no longer offers breeder policies, therefore Pet Insurance needs to be purchased seperately.  The Eukanuba Puppy kit your pup comes with has a certificate for 2 free months of VPI when 12 months are purchased.  Also, when your pup is registered with AKC, you will also receive 2 free months of pet insurance.  Also, PetCo offers insurance for aprox $10/month. I've enclosed some brochures on the different policies.  PetCo is the only one who will offer Life Insurance. These policies will cover your pup against any accident or illness, but not routine care.  Should the unfortunate occasion arise, any vet or emergency clinic of your choice will be covered.  There is a $50 co-pay per incident. 

      It is HIGHLY recommended that you have pet insurance on your pup for at least the puppy stage.   There is a link to the PetCo sponsored QuickCare Insurance at the bottom of this page.   I highly recommend them & have my dogs insured with:  


BAER Results

            Enclosed you will find a Certificate indicating the level at which your puppy can hear. 



            Also enclosed you will find a copy of the Dogo Argentino standard, your pups pedigree, health records and a collar tag with your pups microchip number on it.   Your puppy will also be traveling with a stuffed toy that will remind him/her of his/her family.



            Although your puppy is microchipped, it is still advisable to keep a tag on him/her with your local information on it.  I have used Boomerang Tags for years and years.  The tags arrive within days of ordering them, they are sturdy & easy to read, as well as inexpensive.  For more information go to or call them at 805-473-5958




Earning your Rebates


            $100 Puppy Kindergarten Rebate  I strongly encourage you to participate in a group puppy kindergarten class.   This is an excellent opportunity to socialize your puppy with both other people and other dogs.  If you complete a group puppy kindergarten class before your puppy reaches 6 months of age, send me a copy of his/her graduation certificate & Ill mail you a check for $100.


            $100 CGC Certificate Rebate  Once you puppy is obedience trained to the basic commands, I strongly suggest you take the Canine Good Citizen test.  This is offered at PetsMart as well as local obedience clubs and dog shows.  Ive enclosed a copy of the 10-step CGC test.  If your puppy passes the test before he/she is 18 months, send me a copy of his/her CGC certificate & Ill mail you a check for $100.


            $200 Obedience/Agility/Tracking/S&R/Rally-O/Flyball or Freestyle Rebate  Dog sports can be enjoyable to both dog and owner.  If you choose to participate, and earn a title in obedience, agility, tracking S&R or Rally-O, and earn a title before your puppy reaches 27 months old, send me a copy of his/her title & I'll mail you a check for $200.  An additional $50 will be sent if the pup makes it to UKC's Top Performance dog list for the year (United Kennel Club).


            $200 DAAA Versatility Rebate  Regardless if your puppy was purchased as a show or pet puppy, you are entitled to a $200 refund if your pup earns a DAAA Versatility Certificate before reaching 37 months of age.  More details on the Versatility requirements at


            $100 FSDAA Rebate  If your puppy meets the FSDAA criteria and earns FSDAA status before reaching 27 months of age, you are entitled to a $100 refund. More details on the FSDAA program and requirements can be found at :


            Please give me a call to let me know that your puppy made it home okay & to let me know how he/she is doing.  Im sure he'll/she'll be a bit nervous & may even take a few days to warm up and start acting like him/herself again. 



Amy McPeters Tempe, AZ  85225

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