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It all Adds up

I know that people often grunt & grumble over paying $1000 - $2000 for a Dogo Argentino puppy, and they have every right to if the breeder cut corners.  However, for a wellbred pup from an ethical breeder who doesn't cut corners, $1000 is a bargain.
If you are considering breeding, consider the following expenses & make sure that you can afford to spend at least $2000 on the litter before the first pup leaves your home.
The following are my actual expenses.  Show expenses include travel & lodging & sometimes handler fees
Pre-breeding expenses for the Dam
OFA or PennHip X-rays  average of   $200
CERF eye exam                                    50
CGC or TT certification                        20
1 CH title show expenses                     700
2nd CH title                                         500
points towards MX INT CH                300
OFA Thyroid Panel                               90
DNA profiling                                       42
    Total Pre-breeding expenses    $1902.00
Actual Breeding Expenses
Health Certificate                                  63
Airfare                                                700
vitamin suppliments                               36
extra food expenses                              66
X-ray to monitor/count pups                 80
        Total Breeding Expenses       $945.00
(stud fee on a dogo w/OFA certified hips & a CH title is normally $2000 w/a 2 normal hearing puppy guarantee.  The owner of the stud I've used chooses "pick puppy" instead)
Whelping & Litter Expenses (for a litter of 6)
Milk Replacement formula                  $38.00
Dewclaw removal                                 88.00
Puppy food (4-8 weeks)                     150.00
BAER testing ($40-$100/puppy)          240.00 (litter of 6)
microchipping                                     120.00
1st & 2nd set of shots (adminsitered
by me, it would be 4x more at vet)         90.00
Nemex wormer                                     50.00
FCPR litter registration                         35.00
UKC litter registration                           20.00
AKC/FSS litter registration                    20.00          
misc cleaning supplies                           20.00
misc toys & puppy treats/collars           30.00
               Total Litter Expenses     $901.00
So, the total breeding & litter expenses equal $1846.00.  Since pick pup will be going to the stud owner, divide 1846 by 5 & each pup ends up costing me $369.20 before it even leaves the home. This $369.20 is not even taking into account any of the expenses spent on their mother to prove that she is worthy of breeding in the first place. Nor is it taking into account the $400 - $700 rebates I offer on each puppy.
The only way to truly profit from a litter of dogo pups is to cut corners.  Corners can be cut by not BAER testing, feeding lesser quality dog food, breeding to a local dog, not doing any genetic testing on the mother & definitely no showing.  An X-ray to count pups is completely optional & if not BAER testing, why microchip?  Shots & worming -- let the new owners do that.  And rebates -- what? why do that?  3 registeries -- why even bother - save the money. 
The above scenario is just to illustrate what costs go into ethically raising a quality litter of 6 puppies.  Dogos often have to have C-sections to deliver pups & that expense can go up to $2000.00, also, mastitis is common in dogos & although Bri had to be treated with antibiotics & a vet visit ($56.00), that expense was not included in the above calculations.

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