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Del Rio Dogo Argentinos

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Fall 2005 litter
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**** Available Puppies ****

Submit your info by March 22, 2005

This long awaited pictorial pedigree book for any and all registered Dogo Argentinos, is just around the corner.

I am in the process of setting up a seperate website (Natural Instincts), in the meantime, if you have your info ready, feel free to submit it to me here.

There is room for 300 Dogos in this book. There is no cost to add your your dog. However, if you would like contact info, there is a $18.50 charge per dog.
If deadline is met, the book should be ready to ship by July 1, 2005.  Dimensions will be 81/2" x 11" and cost will be aprox: $31 + shipping.  Pre orders will not be accepted until after March 20, 2005.  More info to follow.

Please fill out the following Dog Submission Form.  One form per dog.  Fill out as many as you would like to enter (each entry must also have at least one picture)

Submit button to far right

Dog's Name
Date of Birth
Height in inches
Weight in pounds
BAER results
List all Registeries (ex:FCPR, UKC, AKC-FSS, ADCA, DACA)
List all health clearances (ex: OFA #s, CERF #s, PennHip evaluation info)
List titles & accomplishments (ex: CGC, UKC CH, ARBA CH, etc.)
Is dog DNA profiled with AKCno
Is dog DNA profiled with UKCno
In 4 lines or less, please either describe your dog or list any important info (ex: strong points include xxxxxxxx, or Full sibling to: CH xxxx, Sire of xxxxx, etc.)
Name of Sire & Titles (ex: ARBA UKC CH xxxxxxxx)
Name of Paternal Grandfather & Titles
Name of Paternal Grandmother & Titles
Name of Dam (your dogs mother) & Titles
Name of Maternal Grandfather & Titles
Name of Maternal Grandmother & Titles
Your Name, Kennel Name, State (optional address)
Your Phone Number
Your Email address
Your Website
For a $18.50 fee, your name & contact info will be published on this Dog's info page. Otherwise, all owner & contact info is private
If you want contact info printed, please designate your payment here (paypal payment accepted on main page, after filling out form, snail mail address also on main page)
Please email up to 3 pictures of your dog to . Use your dog's registered name as the subject line. Check the following box if pictures will be emailed same day as this form.
By me typing my name and date in the following box, I grant permission for Amy Prince to use the information on my dog, including pedigree and pictures, in her upcoming book on Dogo Argentinos

Email up to 3 pictures per dog to Use dog's registered name as subject line. Include dog's name, age in photo, photographer's name & any copyright information in text.

If you would like contact info printed on your Dog's page, please click here to make a $18.50 payment

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