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**** Available Puppies ****


Puppy Application Questionnaire

Please be completely honest in your answers. The questionnaire is to help match you up with the puppy who will best fit your needs, it is NOT an interrogation. If you’ve previously given up a dog for barking issues, I do not want to place a vocal pup with you. This questionnaire will help me get to know you better & will help make sure that my pups go to the appropriate homes for them. Please email the answers to me at: please also include your phone number in the email so I can call you with any questions. You may also call me with any questions as well (if you don’t already have my #, email me & I’ll gladly give it to you.)


Spouse's Name:


Phone #:

Email Address:

1.      How many dogs & what kind of dogs do you have right now? Ages and sexes?

2.   Do your current dogs have any behavioral issues?

3.      Please tell me about all the dogs you and your spouse have had – even childhood dogs.

4.      Do you have any other pets? Cats/birds/horses/etc.

5.      Why are you interested in one of my pups -- what experience do you have with Dogo Argentino? How many adult dogos have you met? Have you met any of my previous pups before?  

6.      What sort of experience do you have in training puppies -- what methods do you use?

7.      Tell me how you discipline your dogs.

8.      Where will the dog live at your house? Where will he/she sleep?

9.      Do you plan on crate training?

10.      What personality characteristics do you like in a dog?

11.  What personality characteristics do you not like in a dog?

12.  Who will interact with the dog at your house -- will kids play with the dog?

13.  How do other people describe your personality?

14.  How would you describe the personality of the people who will be handling the dog at your house?

15.  Do you own your home?

16. Years at current residence:

17. If less than 1 year, prior address:

18. Do you live in a house/condo/townhouse/trailer/apartment/other?

19.  What type of fencing do you have? How tall?

20.  Do you have an HOA?

21.  Is there any BSL restrictions in your city/county/state?

22.  What are the names & ages of everyone living in your household?

23.  Do they all want to add a Dogo to the household?

24.  Is anyone in your household currently pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant within the next year?

25.  Is everyone in the home willing to take part in raising, caring for & cleaning up after the puppy?

26.  Is your family a “military family” ? What are your chances of being stationed overseas?

27.  Does your job require extensive travel? If yes, what are the plans for your dog while you are away?

28.  Have you ever had to re-home a dog? When? Why? What Breed/age/sex?

29.  Have you ever turned a dog over to a rescue organization or shelter? When? Why? What Breed/age/sex?

30.  Are you planning on adding any additional pets to your home? Species/breed/sex & when?

31.  Do you do canine rescue work? With which organization, or individual? How long have you done rescue work for?

32.  What titles, if any, do you plan on trying to achieve with your pup (there have been no dogos in the US w/performance titles since the 90s. I would like to urge all dogo owners to attempt at least one performance sport, even if only for one season)?


If I do not have the puppy to fit your needs, I am more than willing to help direct you to another breeder who may have what you are looking for.  When looking for a breeder, please look for one who has the same ideals and goals that you have. Don’t be shy about asking me as many, or more, questions than I have asked of you. You are about to add a new family member – kind of like a marriage – make sure that the decision is right for your family.

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