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Dogo Expenses

Detroit 11 weeks

Besides the initial cost of a Dogo Argentino puppy, expect to spend well over $1000 in expenses the first year alone.  This is regardless if your Dogo puppy was free or cost several thousand dollars.
A Dogo pup will eat between 4-6 cups/food/day & an adult will eat a minimum of 4 cups/day as well.  A 35 lb bag of food typically lasts 4 weeks. 
I do not recommend feeding dog food w/corn.  I've had the best success with Diamond's Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul ($33/35 lb) & with Natural Balance ($36/35 lbs).  Other quality foods are California Natural & Innova -- also in the same $30 - $35 range.
Obedience training is also an ABSOLUTE MUST.  Expect to pay an average of $100 per class you enroll in.
You'll also need puppy supplies.  Crate training is recommended for the aid in housebreaking & keeping the pup (and your home) safe while you are away.  A folding wire crate is about $100, an airlines crate for a full grown dogo is about $130 (some pet catalogs will have the prices about $40 lower)
1st Year Expenses
Food                       $33 x 12  =  $396.00
shots & rabies                              110.00
collar & leash                                 20.00
toys/bowls/misc                             50.00
brush/nail clippers/grooming           35.00
large crate                                     100.00
Pet Insurance (recommended)       120.00
2 obedience classes                      200.00
                   minimum total  =     $1031.00
The above expenses do not include the following:
Ear Cropping                               $300.00
Spay/neuter                                  $180.00
registration                                       70.00
show expenses for 2 weekends       400.00
Or any health-related problems such as:
Allergy care                                 $150.00
Vaginal infections (common in
female dogos under 6 mnths)           50.00
Also consider repair and replacment costs associated with any pup.  Dogo puppies LOVE to chew on anything wood, or that was once wood.  Confining a puppy to a kitchen may result in chewed cabinets, chairs, tables, window sills.  Bitter Apple brand No Chew Spray works -- but must be re-applied often.
Dogo puppies also LOVE to dig & if not supervised, will dig up sprinkler systems, plants & even small trees.
I don't want to scare anyone off from wanting a wonderful Dogo Argentino -- I just want you to be prepared & know what you are getting into.
Because I know what a challenge it is to raise a dogo puppy, ALL of my puppy owners can earn up to $400 back in rebates.
$100 for completing puppy kindergarten
$100 for passing the AKC CGC test
$150 for earning any dog sport title
  $50 bonus if the title is w/AKC
My show pups are eligible for an additional $300 back for earning a CH title. $100 for first 2 titles (ARBA, IABCA, FCI, Rarities, AKC or UKC) + an additional $100 if the title is w/AKC. As of 2011 Dogos can show in MISC. They need 15 points to earn a Certificate of Merit which will transfer over as a CH title when full AKC recognition is granted.
The cost of the pups is as follows:
Pet Quality $900 - $1500 (must be spayed/neutered by 7 mnths)
Show Quality $2400.00
ALL 2005 Del Rio pups are eligible for $700 back in rebates -- regardless of their purchase price. See details on the contract.
Both of the pups parents have earned multiple CH titles, are in UKCs Top 10 for 2003 (verified at ) and are DNA profiled. Bri was the only female dogo in 2001 to have certified hips. Be sure to view Bri's OFA page. Both parents are also proven producers of CH titled puppies from previous litters.

If you'd like to see a breakdown of the costs associated with breeding, click here: Breeding Expenses

Protect your pet. QuickCare Pet Insurance Programs

I highly recommend this Pet Health Insurance Company.  They are very affordable (aprox $10/mnth) and they are the only pet health insurance company in the US to offer life insurance.

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