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Dogos can do it all

          Dogos were bred to have a high endurance level and are the most agile of the Molosser breeds, therefore they are built to excel at dog sports.  The dogos are also a thinking breed of dog and seem to enjoy the challenge of competition.

         There are many options, including, but not limited to: Obedience, Agility, Weight Pull, Search and Rescue, Tracking, Flyball, Rally Obedience, and Herding.  Other options include Protection Work, French Ring, Hunting and Catch Dog Tournaments.

         Catch Dog Tournaments however involve the use of a wild pig or boar in a pen, and this practice is not legal in many counties across the US.  Most Catch Dog Tournaments are held on Indian Reservations and are used to prove that a Dogo has natural instincts to catch a wild boar.         


        Most dogos still possess their natural hunting instincts.  There are other publications and websites devoted to hunting where you can find out more on the sport.

        Because of the intelligence and sensitive nature of the dogo, most are not cut out for Protection or French Ring training.  If interested in this type of training, it is best to contact other dogo owners who have trained in this manner and have them recommend you to an appropriate trainer.


      Information on what the other dog sports are and how to become involved follow:


 Obedience Events test the training of dogs as they perform a series of prescribed exercises at the command of their handler. There are several levels of competition, ranging from basic commands such as sit, come and heel, to scent discrimination and directed retrieves over jumps, that are based on the dogs level of classes are further delineated by the experience of the handler as well.

UKC registered Dogos are eligible to participate in UKC obedience and earn the following titles:

U-OTC = Obedience Trial Champion

U-UD = Utility Dog

U-CDX = Companion Dog Excellent

U-CD = Companion Dog

AKC FSS registered Dogos were once eligible to participate in AKC obedience and earn the following titles, however, FSS dogs are currently suspended from participating:

CD = Companion Dog

CDX = Companion Dog Excellent

UD = Utility Dog

UCX = Utility Dog Excellent

OTCH = Obedience Trial Champion



Agility Events are fast-paced exercises in which the handler directs the dog through a course involving tunnels, sway bridges, jumps and other obstacles in a race against the clock. The dogs are scored for the manner in which they negotiate these obstacles and the time elapsed to complete the course.

Agility Certificates and Titles can be earned. AD = Agility Dog, AAD = Advanced Agility Dog, MAD = Master Agility Dog, JM = Jumpers Master, GM = Gamblers Master, SM = Snooker Master, RM = Relay Master, ADCH = Agility Dog Champion

There are 5 main agility outlets in the US


AKC (as of 2001, Dogos and other FSS registerable breeds are currently suspended from competing with AKC)

NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council)

USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association)

IAL (International Agility Link)

The 3 Arizona Clubs I am familiar with are Good Dog Agility (this is the club I belong to)  Contact Zonies, Jumping Chollas Agility, plus 2 others I have heard about: Phoenix Flyers and Saguaro Scramblers. Click on any of their links for more information.

Weight Pull

 Weight Pull Events give dogs an opportunity to perform a function that comes naturally to many dogs, one that they obviously enjoy. Dogs are placed in a harness and pull a weighted vehicle a prescribed distance. The weight vehicles operate either on wheels, on snow or on a rail system. The dogs are scored based on how much weight they can pull and by the proportion of their body weight to the amount of weight pulled. From the smallest of breeds to the largest, all dogs can compete.  

More information on weight pulling can be found at:

Weight Pulls are conducted by several organizations:


IWPA International Weight Pullers Association



Search and Rescue






Rally Obedience or "Rally-O" 

This is a relatively new sport that combines both agility and obedience.  It is fast pased and fun.  Rally-O titles can be earned through APDT. There are 3 levels of competition:

  • At level one the dog is on-leash through novice style exercises,
  • At level two has the dog off-leash through more advanced exercises, including at least one jump set at eight inches, 14 inches, or 20 inches according to the dogs height at the withers.
  • Either level may be timed or non-timed as stated in the premium list for that show or trial.

As in agility, each course is different every time and a layout is posted at ringside; handlers are also given a printed copy of the course and can walk it without their dogs prior to the start of the class. Ring size is roughly twice that of the 35-foot by 50-foot utility ring and accommodates 12-15 stations for level one and 15-18 obstacles for level two.

A sign at each station gives instructions to the dog-handler team, and each team must execute the stations particular task within 2-4 feet of the sign. Once the judge gives the command forward, the dog and handler complete the course on their own without further commands from the judge, except for exercise finished at the end of the course. Handlers may do anything to encourage their dogs except physically touch them or make corrections with the leash.

To learn more about APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Rally Obedience and to keep track of changes and upcoming events, check out these resources:


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