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Allergy Symptoms
  • Chewing/Licking at Paws
  • Scratching at the Ears
  • Scratching at the underarms and belly
  • Pimple-like bumps on the head/and or back and hind legs
  • Hive-like rashes
  • Loss of Hair
  • Bright Pink Skin

Unfortunately, little reasearch has been done on the cause of allergies in dogs. Is it genetic? Evnironment enduced? One thing that is known is that some allergies are caused by poor thyroid conditions. Being that my dogo, Brillante, has a normal thyroid (only dogo certified w/OFA as of 2003 w/normal thyroid), and thyroid conditions can be hereditary, I lean more towards the theory that allergies are brought on by the environment.

Brillante DOES have puppies who have suffered from allergies. The pups who have had allergy problems live in dry climates, such as AZ, CA or NM. Littermates to these pups who reside in FL, PA, WA & IL have had no problems. Bri's son, Detroit, and several other pups who still reside in AZ, have had no allergy problems.

I've gone to several allergy seminars here in AZ for dogs. It appears that white dogs are just more prone to allergies.

In 2004 there have been more allergy outbreaks than in prior years (in AZ) due to the heavy rains we had that brought out pollen that the Valley hasn't had in the air in 5+ years.

Inhaled allergies in dogs cause itchy feet and ears. The more the dog licks and scratches, the worse the condition gets.

Some things that can be used to make your dogo feel better are (I am not a veterinarian, please check w/your vet before self treating any condition) :

** Gold Bond Powder
** Bag Balm (sold in green can by lotions at most drug stores for about $5)
** Allercain Spray (this has a bitter taste, antiseptic & cortisone in it. I have had one bottle of this for the last 3 years & spray it on feet at the first sign of any itching)
** Cephalexon (sp?) antibiotics. Must be perscribed by your veterinarian. Only given when an infected rash breaks out. This heals the sore spots and stops any infection.
** Cortisone shots -- Yes, this is a steroid & one shot can give your dog relief for up to 8 weeks.
** Prednisone pills -- Yes, also a steroid. Gives the dog almost immediate relief, makes the dog extra thristy, and, like cortisone, can cause liver and/or kidney damage after prolonged use (according to my vet, prolonged use would be more than 4 years. I personally would rather have a happy dog w/o discomfort for 8 years, than a miserable one for 10).
** Dog Food w/o corn or wheat (such as Natural Balance, Innova, Chicken Soup for the Dog lovers soul, California Natural)
** Missing Link or Kauffman's Skin & Coat suppliment (these both seem to enhance the immune system, help the dog grow a thicker coat, and improve the skin).
** Fish oil additives, such as a can of salmon or a few sardines a week
** Oatmeal or Tea Tree Oil bathes. There is also a horse shampoo out to help against "summer itch" that can safely be used on dogs.

It appears that most allergies that dogos encounter are "juvinele allergies" and occur when the pups are rapidly growing.

Although the following is a Story about an Australian Shepherd with allergies, the symptoms and attempted treatments are the same that many Dogos have gone through.  Stormy's Story Another great Resource is The Great Dane Lady .

Over the past couple of years (2006-2010) I have attended seminars by Jean Dodds, Linda Arndt, Dr. Hutchison and Carmen Battaglia. I'm also an active volunteer with the Arizona Humane Society and have attended numerous education seminars. In addition, I've also spoken to holistic veterinarians who have helped with the auto immune issues of PBGVs.
It appears that our completely man-made Dogo Argentino has similar skin and allergy problems as the PBGVs do. Both the PBGVs & the Dogos come over to the USA never previously exposed to the elements and diseases presented in our country. "We" then over immunize the dogs w/combo-shots and overload their system, their body then goes into overdrive trying to "protect" itself. Thus, allergies & skin reactions result. Although the immune system is hereditary, "we" can help improve it through properly vaccinating our US born puppies & then choosing only to breed those who have not had any allergy issues to other US born puppies who also have had no allergy issues.
As a preventative measure, the immune systems can be boosted through the use of Nzymes brand natural enzymes. Since meeting Linda Arndt and Jean Dodds, I have followed their suggestions to a 'T' and have had zero allergy issues in over 7 years.
It appears the formula for allergy-free puppies is: US-Bred dam w/no issues herself, Dam and puppies kept on Nzymes granuals & Jean Dodds shot protocol followed. Rabies shots should not be given before 6 months (legally required at 4 monhts) & should be given at least 4 weeks before or after any other vaccine.

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