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Understanding Registration

Here in the US, most Dogos are registered with UKC (United Kennel Club), AKC FSS (Foundation Stock Services) and/or with FCPR (Federacion Canofila De Puerto Rico).  The DACA and ADCA also provide registry services.  All Dogo pups born in the US should be registered with at least one of the above 5 registeries. 
If someone in the US has "registration papers" from a registry other than the 5 listed above, chances are that their Dogo is either not purebred or has falsified paper work.
The dogos are FCI (Federacion Canofila International) recognized.  The US is not an FCI country, therefore, the Dogos who come to the US w/FCI papers are dually registered with FCPR (upon their owners submitting their FCI papers to FCPR for revalidation w/a fee of apox. $65).
ADCA & DACA are closed registeries which only accept litter registrations from dogs who are already ADCA or DACA registered.  The foundation stock to both ADCA and DACA were FCI registered Dogos. 
Like most closed registries, both ADCA & DACA, still accept dogs w/foreign registration (FCI) into their registry. However, dogs registered w/alernative registries such as Federation International Canines (FIC), Continental Kennel Club (CKC), National Kennel Club (NKC), APR and others, are not accepted.
To see a complete list of "alternative registries" who unscrupulous or ignorant breeders register with, go to and also please read the following "Buyer Beware" article by clicking the article name below:

How Do I register my Del Rio Dogo Argentino?
I'll supply all the paperwork for you for AkC-FSS, UKC & FCPR. All you have to do is follow the puppy instructions.
If you want to register your puppy with ADCA and/or DACA, you'll need to first register with FCPR & then mail a copy of your FCPR registration to ADCA and/or DACA.
If you plan on showing with UKC, make sure that you register your puppy & get his/her permanent registration # before the show entries are due.
If you plan on showing with ARBA or Rarities, they will accept your FCPR, AKC-FSS or UKC papers for dual registration.

My dogos are registered with FCPR, AKC FSS & UKC.
I choose to register with AKC FSS because they keep track of OFA, CERF & DNA information on their pedigrees/registration certificates.  This is the only registry that currently includes OFA & CERF info on their pedigrees.  AKC also allows for Limited Privilege (LP) registration.  Allowing pet quality puppies to be placed with papers.
I choose to register with UKC because they keep track of DNA information, as well as show and working titles of all the dogs on a 4 generation pedigree, plus the winnings of their puppies.  They currently do not grant LP registration for intact pups, therefore, my pet puppies are not given their UKC registration papers until the pup is spayed/neutered.
I also continue to register the show quality pups with FCPR.  The FCPR registration certificate and pedigree show the International CH titles their ancestors have won.  An FCI registration number also allows the pups to be shown in countries other than the US and Canada, should their owners choose.

How do I register my imported Dogo?
First of all, those who know me know that I feel that people new to the breed have no business importing dogs. If you have not physically attended a few dogo shows/seminars/or other activities, and if you have no prior dog show knowledge from another breed, you should NOT import your first dogo. PERIOD.
That being said, if you already imported a Dogo, his FCA registration papers will do you no good in the US. If you plan on showing, you'll need to dual register him with the registries you plan on showing. UKC will allow a single registration with FCA papers, as will AKC-FSS. The cost is about $35 per registry to single register. You'll need to contact both registries for single registration forms.
If you plan on breeding & keeping up with FCI registration and paperwork, you'll need to have your dog's FCA papers re-validated by FCPR. The cost is about $75.

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