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**** Available Puppies ****

Please note: I do not have any available stud dogs

Information Required
Before Contracting For Stud Service

The minimum considerations which must be addressed before a Stud Service Contract can be completed are listed below. Please fill out this form completely and transmit it to us prior to any discussion of contracting for the services of one of our stud dogs.

1. Health clearances:
or PennHip: grade and number (if PennHip, please email, fax, or send a photocopy of the form). Note:  It is not necessary that your female pass OFA or PennHip, it is just necessary that we know your females hip score to help us determine if our stud dog is appropriate for your use.
       CERF number
       Any Other Health Clearance Results:

2. Your detailed plans for the placement of puppies:
many do you intend to keep?
       How many have you taken reservations for?
       How do you plan to find homes for the remainder?
       Send a copy of the contract and questionnaire you use for prospective puppy buyers (If you do not have one, you are more than welcome to use mine, or a variation of it).

3. Describe your arrangements for a whelping area.
are your fencing/kenneling arrangements?
       What arrangements do you have to house and care for those puppies for which you cannot find homes?

4. Briefly describe your prior whelping experience; how many litters in total have you whelped?
many litters has this bitch had previously?
       How many breeding attempts have been made with this bitch?

5. What show, trial, training, etc. experience has this bitch had?

       What is her record at these events?
       What titles has she earned?

6. This bitch needs to be evaluated for breeding quality. Photos or a video should be sent right away, and a personal examination must be set up to determine this. State below what arrangements for such an evaluation you are prepared to make.

7. What form of positive identification does the bitch carry? (Microchip or tattoo)
       What is the number?
       If a chip, which kind?
       What is the location of this identification?

8. Enclose a copy of the bitch's registration, pedigree, and if an import, the export pedigree of the country of origin.

9. Enclose a copy of the bitch's veterinary records, including current vaccinations and dates, parasite examination results and date, medications currently being administered, medications administered within the past year, and any existing medical conditions. State any congenital medical problems which have been diagnosed.

When these materials have arrived, you can call to talk to me regarding the stud dog you prefer to use, his stud fee, travel arrangements or semen shipping arrangements, and any other matters which seem unclear.


Contact info: phone, fax, address, email

Amy McPeters
Del Rio Dogos
Phone: 480-xxx-xxxx
Fax: 480-xxx-xxxx (attn: Amy)

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